Less than Container Load. Individually skidded (palletized), or loose box shipments consolidated on freight carries, for the intended destination. service is designed for shipments whose space is to fill a 20 container with a total of 1168CFT/33.07CBM.

In to use Affinity Logistics’s Economy Seafreight Service shipping items be boxed or crated labeled for shipping purpose complete consigner and consignee and phone numbers. Shipping can be purchased on-line packingsection of the web-site no extra cost for delivery using ground shipping. Shipping labels can be on-line via PRINT LABELS

Services offered Affinity are Terminal-to-Terminal and --: Terminal-to-Terminal- For cargo self-delivered the origin shipping terminal. Terminal-to-Terminal Service, rates are primarily on the volume cargo. Weight is not pricing factor. That is advantage of shipping sizable using Economy Terminal-to-Terminal Seafreight.

Door-to-Terminal – includes pickup of boxed crated cargo from virtually location in the continental. Pickup charges are based the chargeable weight of. RESIDENTIAL PICKUP is a -_. Driver will load cargo driveway, front porch, garage acceptable ground level loading . Affinity Logistics does not provide pickup service. COMMERCIAL LOCATION is considered from warehouses, provide loading docks and.

Seafreight Service not include door delivery destinations. The Recipient must cargo at the destination’s terminal. Otherwise destination door service can be conducted paid by recipient at destination station.

Affinity Logistics’s Economy Service is on FOB ( on Board) basis to destination cargo receiving terminal (_) and subject to destination. Destination charges are for account of the Consignee. recipient will be required arrange formal or informal with customs in the country. The destination agent guide the recipient in complexity of the destinations regulations.

Shippers should be aware CHARGEABLE WEIGHT AND CHARGEABLE (W/M) definitions used in modes of cargo transportation. respect of Ocean and modes the meanings of are:

OCEAN MODE OF : Since vessel capacity is really limited by weight cargo but by the of the ship, then for regular ocean shipments based on the total volume. In general for shipments, the weight of cargo is not a factor.

However there is cargo density limit if ocean freight rates are. It varies depending on carrier, origin and destination,. Regular shipments most likely not exceed the limit. general exporters have to aware of the “U.S. 45 lbs rule”, 45 lbs = 1 cubic foot. This that if the density the cargo exceeds 45 per one cubic foot, chargeable volume will be using this formula: Total of the cargo (in ) divided by 45 lbs = Chargeable Volume in cubic . The limit of 1 meter = 750 kilos be used as well. depending on carrier, origin destination etc, it may : 1 cbm = 500; 1 cbm = 1000 etc. The exporter should advised about WM by carrier when making the.

INLAND MODE OF (Pickup or Line-haul charges):/for Inland Trucking is heavily restricted then in Ocean mode and subject actual or dimensional weight . Chargeable weight for Inland will be calculated using formula: Chargeable Weight in = Actual Weight of Cargo OR (Length x x Height in inches) by 250, whichever is.
v Notice: Our online quote and booking Weight & Volume calculators DO NOT WM. They reflect actual charges. This is purposely to avoid misunderstandings for- visitors. If WM rules then it will be in our documents for shipment.

With Affinity you will able to submit and the most common shipping on-line: Quotation, Booking, Shipping , Dock Receipt, Packing List, Invoice (in general applies to business shipments. However destination countries require commercial for personal shipments as ), Invoice, Affinity Logistics’s House and’Master Bill of Lading express release of your. In general this is necessary minimum to complete international shipment.

However, some countries (particularly countries in America, countries in the Soviet Union and Eastern nations) and/or depending on require a more comprehensive of items shipped and/or shipping documents. You may to check with a consulate or ask a’customs broker about additional that may be necessary.

need fill your shipping out and submit them before your freight is -to the receiving terminal picked up by our driver; otherwise you may problems with your shipment the origin or/and destination. do not take any for inaccurate shipping documents by you, nor for of documents represented to parties related to your . We will not be for any delays or/and that may occur due lack of proper shipping. Cosigner must indicate the for SED filing in booking request or in e-mail 72 hours prior the ETD. In general, international shipments without AES (ITN) are permitted unless exemption above.

Though we will work to insure your shipment on time, for Sea the transit/sailing time indicated your shipping documents is always precise. Estimated Time Departure (ETD) and Estimated of Arrival (ETA) cannot a specific transit time., in most cases shipments and arrive as scheduled.

NOTICE: Shipments that require than a Packing List Commercial Invoice and may more transit time.

SHIPMENTS WITH TRANS-SHIPMENTS: your shipping documents indicate a port of discharge different from the final (Place of Delivery by), then the cargo will first at the port discharge and continue traveling its final destination. Estimated of Arrival (ETA) on Bill of Lading (BOL) such shipments is to first port of discharge, TO THE FINAL DESTINATION. to the final destination additional time. For more ETA to the FINAL contact your destination agent in your BOL in 10-15 days after ETA to port of discharge for transshipment.

If for any the destination terminal does contact the Consignee and/or Party after Estimate Time Arrival (ETA) then we recommend contacting the destination indicated within the ‘FOR / PLEASE APPLY TO’ field your Bill of Lading (_) a few days after ETA. It will insure you are prepared for of your freight and possible storage or demurrage. For SHIPMENTS WITH TRANS-SHIPMENTS an additional 10-15 days (it takes longer) to the ETA information to final destination.

NOTICE: The final station may only be a few days prior your cargo’s arrival. We that you contact your agent, send them a of your express release, confirm the consignee’s contact , and wait for an notice from them.

For shippers that do have an account with , we request a deposit 50-100% of the estimated shipping. The deposit will be to the final cost your shipment. CONSIGNER (Exporter) BE INFORMED OF THE FOR THE PREPAYMENT VIA- BEFORE THE BOOKING IS.

NOTICE: CONFIRMED FREIGHT RATES VALID WITHIN 10 DAYS THE DATE OF THE. If payment is received 10 days from the of the booking, then final invoice will indicate current rates published on-line.

Once we receive deposit payment, we will the payer our confirmation-. Please consider that e-mail receipt for your deposit.

NOTICE: You do have to pay anything self-delivering your cargo to receiving terminal or when your cargo to the up driver.After your cargo the origin carrier’s Container Station (CFS) the CFS issue to us certified - for it. Upon receiving information we will e-mail a link, which contains final invoice for your based on its actual and weight. As a , it takes up to business days from the when cargo has been to the CFS (sometimes takes a little longer).

We expect you the invoice within three five days but no than Estimate Time of (ETD) indicated in your instructions. If you do receive the invoice due wrong e-mail address, it your responsibility to contact office in order to the payment.

Upon your timely and a few days (it takes a little ) after the Estimate Time Departure (ETD) for your you will receive an- with the iQ Global ’Electronic House Bill of containing complete contact information the destination cargo receiving (CFS). We will confirm release for your shipment, you have requested the upon a set of Bill of Lading. Express means you do not to provide a set original Bill of Ladings order to recover your at the destination.

Please note If do not receive the payment in time then will cancel Express Release your cargo. In this you must provide a of original Bill of in order to recover freight at the destination. mail with this set originals will cost you150. We will not take responsibilities for any demurrage other charges at the connected to delays with release. We will not any responsibilities for any connected to any delay your freight at any on its way to place of release. Any insurance will be canceled unpaid on the time express release cancellation as . If not paid within weeks from the day arrival at the destination, shipment will be considered and U.S. and destination officials will be notified additional fines levied. Return fee is $50.

Palletizing may increase chargeable 10% – 30% or ; however palletized cargo has higher probability to reach destination safely without damage loss.

Palletizing service be provided upon request booking your shipment. Typically costs $35 per pallet the price of the itself.We make every effort provide the service as. However there are EXCLUSIONS may occur:

freight terminals will not loose cartons. If there more than 4-6 cartons any one piece exceeds 100 lbs then most likely cargo will be palletized , no matter if palletizing has been requested or. Consigner must be aware possible extra-volume charges due palletizing.

Wood-packing restrictions anti-pest measures at origin destination country CFS may providing palletizing for certain. If skids received by freight terminal will not with origin or destination then skids may be down. De-palletizing charges may, which are, as a , equal to palletizing charges.

PICKUP SERVICE + PALLETIZING: If you are palletizing along with our service the cargo will accepted by our driver loose cartons and then before transfer to the line CFS (Container Freight or shipping terminal).

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